Streblus pendulinus (Moraceae)

Streblus brunonianus (Whalebone tree)

Previously also known as Streblus brunonianus, the Whalebone Tree seems to bear all the features of figs (Ficus spp.). Like figs, it has alternate leaves with stipular scars and the leaves weep milky sap when pinched. Unlike figs however, the flowers and fruits are not borne in an enclosed structure or synconium. Instead, the male flowers hang out on spikes, as do the much more compact female flowers, hinting at a wind pollinated strategy employed by these plants. The resultant fruits are red luscious looking berries.

Streblus brunonianus (Whalebone tree)

Streblus brunonianus (Whalebone tree)

Streblus brunonianus (Whalebone tree)

The fruits interestingly appear to bear vestiges of the two stigmas even after ripening.

The leaves have a toothed margin, feels quite thin, and have a slightly sandpapery texture. There is another species in FNQ, S. glaber, which I look forward to seeing. More on that when that happens.


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I am David Tng, a hedonistic botanizer who pursues plants with a fervour. I chase the opportunity to delve into various aspects of the study of plants. I have spent untold hours staring at mosses and allied plants, taking picture of pollen, culturing orchids in clean cabinets, counting tree rings, monitoring plant flowering times, etc. I am currently engrossed in the study of plant ecology (a grand excuse to see 'anything I can). Sometimes I think of myself as a shadow taxonomist, a sentimental ecologist, and a spiritual environmentalist - but at the very root of it all, a "plant whisperer"!
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