Lastreopsis munita (Dryopteridaceae)

Lastreopsis munita

At a cursory glance, this fern resembles the hare-fooot fern (Davallia denticulata), particularly in the glossy green appearance and the sharply toothed pinnules. The spore arrangement however is very suggestive of those of the Wood Fern family. In Davallia, the spore-bearing structures (sori) are at the margins of the fern frond in little sacs. Ultimately, those sharly dissected and very dagger-like points of the pinnules seemed to be a good distinctive feature in identifying this species and I am at the moment very happy to call it L. munita.

Lastreopsis munita


About David Tng

I am David Tng, a hedonistic botanizer who pursues plants with a fervour. I chase the opportunity to delve into various aspects of the study of plants. I have spent untold hours staring at mosses and allied plants, taking picture of pollen, culturing orchids in clean cabinets, counting tree rings, monitoring plant flowering times, etc. I am currently engrossed in the study of plant ecology (a grand excuse to see 'anything I can). Sometimes I think of myself as a shadow taxonomist, a sentimental ecologist, and a spiritual environmentalist - but at the very root of it all, a "plant whisperer"!
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