Maesa dependens (Primulaceae)

Maesa dependens var. pubescens

An exceedingly common vine in wet eucalypt forest and rainforest. The leaves have a fleshy and almost succulent texture. Two varieties exist, var. dependens and var. pubescens, differing presumably by the presence of hairs. The venation is rather distinctive and is easy to memorize. There is also a related species M. haplobotrys that grows into a tree. The flowers are rather small and not what one would expect for a member of the showy Primrose family. But then again, Maesa is a newcomer to the Primrose family, being previously placed in a family of its own, the Maesaceae.

Maesa dependens

Maesa dependens var. pubescens
Leaf scans. Scale is a 1cm square.


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I am David Tng, a hedonistic botanizer who pursues plants with a fervour. I chase the opportunity to delve into various aspects of the study of plants. I have spent untold hours staring at mosses and allied plants, taking picture of pollen, culturing orchids in clean cabinets, counting tree rings, monitoring plant flowering times, etc. I am currently engrossed in the study of plant ecology (a grand excuse to see 'anything I can). Sometimes I think of myself as a shadow taxonomist, a sentimental ecologist, and a spiritual environmentalist - but at the very root of it all, a "plant whisperer"!
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