Mallotus polyadenos (Euphorbiaceae)

Mallotus polyadenos (Kamala)

This shrub to small tree of rainforest is commonly known as the Kamala, or the Green Kamala (Kamala is an an Indian name for Lotus). This species does not have the typical gestalt of a Mallotus (relative to the much more familiar Mallotus paniculatus) but I suppose it has been classified as one on the basis of the floral structure. Interestingly, this plant has been found to have anti-HIV properties (see link).

Very distinctively, the leaves, particularly on the underside, has numerous yellow glands easily visible with a hand lens, which give the leaf underside a overall dirty yellowish look. This character occurs also in Macaranga inamoena but M. inamoena appears to be hairy. The fruits are distinctively pendulous. More on the Kamala when I get some good leaf shots.

Mallotus polyadenos (Kamala)


Van Welzen PC, Kulju KKM, Sierra SEC, Slik JWF. 2010. Key to the Malesian species of Mallotus (Euphorbiaceae). Blumea 55, 285-290. (link to pdf)


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