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Drypetes deplanchei (Putranjivaceae)

A most difficult group of plants for the uninitiated. Drypetes was previously part of the Euphorbiaceae (Spurge family) but this family has been split up into groups which require a bit of relearning for mere mortals. Now this species is … Continue reading

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Drosera petiolaris (Droseraceae)

This sundew must be one that care quite a bit for appearances, and invests a huge among of resourcesinto making those long leaf stalks. Could very well have been called “Leaf Stalk”. This species is relatively common around wet areas … Continue reading

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Crypsinus simplicissimus (Polypodiaceae)

An attractive and slender polypody fern that grows on rocks and on trees. Saw this individual on the Windsor Tablelands.

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Adiantum atroviride (Adiantaceae)

Nothing could beat caressing a maiden’s hair, but caressing a maidenhair fern comes second! This species was previously called Adiantum aethiopicum, which is now a name applied to a temperate species. More on this in time!

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