Jagera pseudorhus (Sapindaceae)

Jagera pseudorhus DSC_0027

This is the well-known foambark tree famed for the saponin foam that forms on the bark after heavy rain. It is usually found in lowland areas in coastal rain forest but can also be seen in upland rain forest. The widespread variety is Jagera pseudorhus var. pseudorhus (featured here). Another variety J. pseudorhus var. integerrima has less jagged leaflets and is endemic to the Atherton Tableland and surrounding mountainous areas.

Jagera pseudorhus Cattana DSC_0046

Jagera pseudorhus

Jagera pseudorhus

An extremely ornamental tree with a slight resemblance to the famous Neem tree (Azadiracta indica), as a result of their pinnate jagged leaves (in var. pseudorhus). Flowers develop terminally on branches and trees are very showy when in flower. The hairy capsule are a pleasure to espy, developing from a beautiful violet pink to a brown colour when mature.

Indigenous Australians supposedly used the foam from crushed bark or leaves to de-oxygenate the water of waterway pools, thereby temporarily suffocating fish for an easy catch.

Jagera pseudorhus Cattana DSC_0050
Closeup of a flower. Note the purple filaments.

Jagera pseudorhus Cattana DSC_0047

Jagera pseudorhus DSC_0523 (2)

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    Very Good Posting. You should write more about this!

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