Ficus pleurocarpa (Moraceae)

Ficus pleurocarpa DSC_0369 (5)

This endemic strangling fig tree, very descriptively named the banana fig, is one of FNQ’s more beautiful fig trees. The large and elongated (~5cm long) figs ripen into a nice dark red, and when you bite into one of them, the first thought that might occur to you is…”substantial”. Relatively tasty bush tucker as well, a far as wild figs go. The figs also arise in pairs per leaf axil – good things come in twos don’t they.

Ficus pleurocarpa DSC_0369 (18)

The leaves are largish and have a beautiful bronze underside, and tri-nerved venation at the leaf base. Combined with the hairy stems, angled stipular scars and the long stipule, this native fig is quite distinctive.

Ficus pleurocarpa DSC_0369 (8)

While they are strangler figs by nature, they seem to do just fine as stand-alone ornamental trees.

Ficus pleurocarpa DSC_0369 (13)

Ficus pleurocarpa DSC_0369 (20)


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