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Mitrephora diversifolia (Annonaceae)

This native tree Mitrephora diversifolia is also known as the flying duck flower (No offence to whomever assigned that name but I can’t see any resemblance), and is one of the more glorious native members of the custard apple family … Continue reading

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Myrsine subsessilis (Primulaceae)

One of the various native species of Myrsine, this endemic shrub is probably one of the more easy to recognize species as the veins are quite prominent on the leaf upperside, and the midrib is raised. Like most members of … Continue reading

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Phytolacca octandra (Phytolaccaceae)

Phytolacca octandra is a very descriptively named soft-stemmed shrub or herb by Linnaeas (Greek: “phyton” meaning plant; Neo-Latin: “lacca” meaning lacquer, alluding to the red dye of the berries). The common name Inkweed is also an allusion to the red … Continue reading

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Saurauia andreana (Actinidiaceae)

This hairy rainforest shrub is the only Australian representative of the Kiwi fruit family. Interestingly it was first named Dillenia andreana by Mueller, probably due to to the superficial similarly of the appearance of the flowers to Dillenia. But of … Continue reading

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Gmelina philippensis (Lamiaceae)

A native of Philippine islands, this ornamental shrub is also known as Parrot’s Beak. The down-hanging inflorescence that bear the bright yellow and curious looking flowers are botanically classified as a paniculate cyme. The yellow flowers are accompanied by purple-brown … Continue reading

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Stephania japonica (Menispermaceae)

The leaves of this species have a very distinctive glaucous underside, This native vine species is known as the Tape Vine or Snake Vine and has three known subspecies. The flowers are some of the weirdest I have seen, where … Continue reading

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Acronychia acronychioides (Rutaceae)

This endemic shrub/tree species is commonly known as the White Aspen, which makes little sense as it is nothing close to being an aspen (which belongs to temperate trees of the genus Populus). But delve a little into the scientific … Continue reading

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