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Cyrtandra baileyi (Gesneriaceae)

In wet places in the Australian rainforest dwells Cyrtandra baileyi, a delicate relative of the African violet. This shrub which appears to be restricted to permanently wet places in rainforest, is endemic to the region and was first collected by … Continue reading

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Allophyllus cobbe (Sapindaceae)

Meet “Allo the old cobber” – or at least what I imagine this familiar fella should be known as in Australia. Known to science since 1779, this shrub of mangroves and coastal regions is a well known and variable entity … Continue reading

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Irvingbaileya australis (Stemonuraceae)

It is no surprise that the tropics harbour some of the weirdest looking fruits on the planet, and based on this criterion, this obscured small endemic rainforest tree or shrub, Irvingbaileya australis, in the Far North Queensland Wet Tropics must … Continue reading

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