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The Magic of the Daintree

The legendary Sir David Attenborough once remarked that one of his favourite places in the world was Far North Queensland, and added further that the Cape Tribulation – Daintree area was among one of the most special places he had … Continue reading

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Allophyllus cobbe (Sapindaceae)

Meet “Allo the old cobber” – or at least what I imagine this familiar fella should be known as in Australia. Known to science since 1779, this shrub of mangroves and coastal regions is a well known and variable entity … Continue reading

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Cedars of a mangrove

Mangroves can be a challenge to know. But it is a fun challenge to look at them closely and get to love their subtle differences. For years I have been vexed by how to tell the two common Cedar Mangroves … Continue reading

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Scirpodendron ghaeri (Cyperaceae)

Ostensibly one of, if not the largest sedge in the world. Even if not by it’s height, Scirpodendron could easily claim to be among the most robust and ‘beefed up’ of sedges – a true ‘bodybuilder’ of the ‘sedgeacious’ lineage. … Continue reading

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Hydrocotyle pedicellosa (Araliaceae)

This is a scrambling rainforest herb which in my experience is probably the largest Hydrocotyle ever. The leaves are up to about 10cm wide. More on this when I get more pics.

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Nypa fruticans (Arecaceae)

A book should be written about the Nipa palm. By way of palms, it is unique, and placed in a subfamily of it’s own. Although it is not instantly obviously, subterraneanly the Nipa palm exhibits dichotomous branching – itself a … Continue reading

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Heritiera littoralis (Malvaceae)

This wonderfully foliaged mangrove plant is called the Looking glass tree, for reason I have not actually figured out. It is very easily recognized by the context of it’s mangrove habitat and the silvery scales coat the leaf underside. The … Continue reading

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