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Erycibe coccinea (Convolvulaceae)

“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books”. I agree with Walt Whitman. But you ain’t gona find no Erycibe ever at your windowsill. Erycibe is no ordinary morning glory. If you did not already … Continue reading

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Dictyoneura obtusa (Sapindaceae)

  Not a well-known denizen of north Queensland’s tropical forests. At least not well-known enough to have a common name. In fact, the whole genus of perhaps 2-3 species is proabably not too well-known and deserving of study. This species … Continue reading

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Melicope elleryana (Rutaceae)

(Anyone who has taken a good whiff of the fresh wood, let me know) Common but attractive, Melicope elleryana is a fast-growing tree that are often seen in regrowth forest, but is also not uncommon in mature ones. It appears … Continue reading

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Didymoglossum tahitense (Hymenophyllaceae)

Filmy ferns, or ferns belonging to the family Hymenophyllaceae, are an interesting group of plants. They are among some of the earliest lineages of ferns, but at the same time, they has a very simple structure, as far as ferns … Continue reading

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