Lauraceae (Laurel family)

While most in the temperate zone know only of the temperate bay leaf tree (Laurus nobilis) the avocado (which is tropical), the tropics is where real laurels reign.

They are not easy to distinguish from one another – but the joy in knowing at least some of them is sublime – read my post on some tips on how to ID Lauraceae in the field.

Beilschmiedia oligandra (Ivory Walnut)
Cassytha filiformis
Cinnamomum olivieri
Cryptocarya laevigata (Red Fruited Laurel)
Cryptocarya rhodosperma
Endiandra anthropophogorum
Endiandra compressa
Endiandra discolor (Domatia Tree)
Endiandra glauca
Endiandra grayi
Endiandra hypotephra (Rose Walnut)
Endiandra insignis
Endiandra sankeyana
Litsea bindoniana (Big-leaved Bollywood)
Litsea fawcettiana (Brown Bollywood)
Litsea leefeeana
Litsea glutinosa
Neolitsea brassii
Neolitsea dealbata (White Bollygum)

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