Primulaceae (Primrose family)

Due to the molecular revolution, the Primrose family has undergone many significant changes. Many of the genera that once belonged here are now more accurately placed in the Myrsine family (Myrsinaceae), and these include genera like Anagallis (scarlet pimpernel), Samolus (brookweed, waterpimpernel), Cyclamen (cyclamens) and Lysimachia (yellow loosestrife). Yet others like Maesa has been included into this family.

Aegiceras corniculatum (River Mangrove)
Ardisia brevipedata
Ardisia crenata (Coralberry)
Maesa dependens
Maesa haplobotrys
Myrsine porosa (Red Muttonwood)
Myrsine subsessilis (Red Muttonwood)

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