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Pothos brassii (Araceae)

A slender vine found in rainforest understoreys, this endemic has a rather restricted distribution. I have only had the pleasure of seeing it at Cooper Creek in the Daintree.

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Cooper Creek botanizing

People who study fossils have a term, Lagerstätte (pronounced something like “lar-gus-tan”) for a place or site where they find extraordinary fossils with exceptional preservation, often in large numbers. Plant biogeographers and botanists who study the living flora should have … Continue reading

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Romnalda ophiopogonoides (Asparagaceae)

Romnalda is a small genus of sedge-like plants belonging under, if you would believe it, the Asparagus family. This is of course an artefact of the molecular age. No Australian botanist or naturalist would fail to notice the similarities between … Continue reading

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