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The Magic of the Daintree

The legendary Sir David Attenborough once remarked that one of his favourite places in the world was Far North Queensland, and added further that the Cape Tribulation – Daintree area was among one of the most special places he had … Continue reading

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Vegetation of a piece of Australia’s prime rainforest

Having started this blog almost 6 years ago and spending some years learning the flora of the region, I have had the great previlege to examine closer, in a scientific way, the flora of a patch of Australia’s prime rainforest estate. … Continue reading

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Licuala ramsayi (Arecaceae)

Licuala ramsayi, aptly and more commonly known as the fan palm in this part of the world, forms colonies in lowland rain forest in the Daintree region. These veritable palm forests constitutes an iconic botanical experience for anyone who visits … Continue reading

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