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Pioneers of the rainforest

Anyone interested in tropical plants or plant ecology will at some point encounter the concept of forest succession. Species that are characteristic of successional habitats or rainforest habitats recovering from disturbance (cyclones, deforestation, etc) are called pioneer or successional species. … Continue reading

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Croton insularis (Euphorbiaceae)

A very attractive tree because of the leaves with covered with silvery scales, particularly on the underside. Like it’s relative Croton triacros, this species is a successional species. Another distinctive feature of the species is the two protuberances or glands … Continue reading

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Callicarpa pedunculata (Lamiaceae)

Callicarpa pedunculata (also known as Velvet Leaf) is a common successional species of shrub, that grows in disturbed rainforest and giant eucalypt forests. As the coomon name suggests, the leaves have a velvety feel. The leaves are oppositely arranged, somewhat … Continue reading

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Guioa lasioneura (Sapindaceae)

Commonly known as the Silky Tamarind, this understorey shrub is a very common rainforest successional species, but can also persist in the shade of a mature rainforest. The leaves are pinnate with 4 leaflets, occassionally 6, and has very short … Continue reading

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Aleurites rockinghamensis (Euphorbiaceae)

This tree is also known as the Candlenut and is a very common tree in rainforest. At certain times of the year when this tree is in flower, the canopy stands out due to the whitish hairs that clothe the … Continue reading

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