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Tristemma mauritianum (Melastomataceae)

In many ways, Tristemma – what this attractive shrub is called for the lack of a better common name, is a very archetypal member of the Melastome family. A three nerved leaf arranged opposite to each other, a very angular … Continue reading

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Flueggea virosa (Phyllanthaceae)

This shrub of coastal areas has white edible berries which has been used as Bush Tucker. The flowers occur as clusters and so do the resultant white berries, which resemble currants. It has therefore been called White Currant or Snowball … Continue reading

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Plants of Cattana Wetlands – a provisional checklist

Aquatic and semi-aquatic Plants Acrostichum speciosum Ceratopteris thalictroides Ludwigia sp. Ludwigia octovalis Marsilea sp. Nymphaea violacea (?) Nymphoides indica Ottelia ovalifolia Philydrum lanuginosum Persicaria attenuata Utricularia aurea Woffia sp. Trees and Shrubs Acacia crassicarpa Acacia flavescens Acacia holosericea (p) Acacia … Continue reading

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Plants of Chillagoe – a provisional checklist

I had the very great pleasure of visiting Chillagoe a number of times between 2012-2017 and have compiled a very provisional checklist of the plants I could identify. The most characteristic feature of that area must have been the presence … Continue reading

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Scaevola enantophylla (Goodeniaceae)

This Queensland endemic is a curious member of the Fan Flower (Goodeniaceae) family firstly because it is a climber and secondly because it inhabits rain forest. It has therefore been named descriptively the Climbing Fan Flower. Many of the other … Continue reading

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Acacia calyculata (Fabaceae)

I was acquainted with this chest-height shrubby wattle species in the open woodland areas of the Paluma Range but I have since also seen it growing in Davies Creek and other dry areas. A little browse through the internet reveal … Continue reading

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Diospyros blancoi (Ebenaceae)

I was pretty surprised to see this small bushy fruit tree growing on a private property. Truth be told I smelt it before I saw it. Even when not in fruit or flower, this remarkable tree exudes a characteristic slight … Continue reading

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