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Notoscyphus lutescens (Acrobolbaceae)

The yellow (luteo meaning “pale yellow”) drinking vessel (“scyphus”) from the south (“noto”)? This is a liverwort of rainforest and is also found in New Zealand and other tropical countries. The leaves are somewhat greenish yellow and under a microscope, … Continue reading

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Pothos longipes (Araceae)

A long yearning? That’s what the name Pothos longipes seems to suggest. In Greek mythology, the character Pothos was part of Aphrodite’s attendants, and carried a vine, indicating a connection to wine or the god Dionysus. And “longipes” denote long-footed. … Continue reading

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Fagraea cambagei (Gentianaceae)

It is hard to believe that trees in the tropics may be related to the diminutive gentians of temperate zone, but there you go – introducing the Porcelain Fruit, the gentian tree of the wet tropics. The Porcelain Fruit is … Continue reading

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Syzygium claviflorum (Myrtaceae)

Time to blow the trumpets of Syzygium claviflorum. This species is a common understorey tree of lowland to upland rainforest in the Far North Queensland region, and makes for a good street tree. The young cream colored flowerbuds have a … Continue reading

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Archidendron hirsutum (Fabaceae)

Well, as the name suggests, it’s quite hairy. All parts of the leaves and leaflet undersides are brown hairy. This species is an endemic of the Cape York Peninsular. Thus the common name Cape Laceflower. I haven’t had the pleasure … Continue reading

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Erycibe coccinea (Convolvulaceae)

“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books”. I agree with Walt Whitman. But you ain’t gona find no Erycibe ever at your windowsill. Erycibe is no ordinary morning glory. If you did not already … Continue reading

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Malpighia coccigera (Malpighiaceae)

Is it nice to have an example of a type genus for a plant family to grace the gardens and waysides of Queensland. The genus Malpighia is named in to honor Marcello Malpighia (1628-1693), a distinguished naturalist at Bologna, Italy. … Continue reading

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