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Prumnopitys ladei (Podocarpaceae)

Few would think of Australia as a land of conifers, because of the aridity of the landscape. But conifers like Prumnopitys ladei is a testimony to the importance of Australian rainforest as a living museum of conifers. P. ladei is … Continue reading

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Meiogyne hirsuta (Annonaceae)

This small rainforest shrub is endemic to the region and when not in flower is probably best recognized it’s longish obovate hairy leaves with very short leaf stalks and bold venation. Like many other members of the Annonaceae family, the … Continue reading

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Neolitsea dealbata (Lauraceae)

The long list of common names (Black Ash, Grey Bollywood, Hairy Leaved Bollygum, Native Mulberry, Pigeon-berry Tree, Velvet-leaf Bollywood, White Bollygum, White Bollywood) must be a reflection of how common this species is. There is hardly a roadside edge in … Continue reading

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Oberonia rimachila (Orchidaceae)

One of the common Oberonia orchids in the region, I found this growing on a tree within the CSIRO arboretum – a good sign that native orchids do come and make their home on cultivated trees. Or perhaps we should … Continue reading

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