Orchidaceae (Orchid family)

Adelopetalum lageniforme
Apostasia wallichii
Blepharochilum macphersonii
Carparomorchis baileyi
Corymborkis veratrifolia
Dendrobium adae
Dendrobium agrostophyllum
*Dendrobium crumenatum (Pigeon Orchid)
Dendrobium gracillicaule
*Dendrobium nobile (Noble Dendrobium)
Dendrobium smilliae
Dendrobium tetragonum (Rectangular-bulbed Dendrobium)
Dienia montana
Dockrilla teretifolia
Durabaculum undulatum var. undulatum
Oberonia rimachila
Sarcochilus serrulatus (Banded Butterfly Orchid)

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