Tacca leontopetaloides (Dioscoreaceae)

Tacca leontopetaloides

An interesting herb of inland savanna and coastal eucalypt forest, the leaves of this species superficially resembles species of Amorphophallus (the genus that gives us the glorious Titan lily) in the way it is dissected, and the roundish fleshy-looking fruits resemble that of the Crinium lilies. However, this species is in no way related to aroids or lilies. It was previously placed in a family of its own, the Taccaceae, but according to molecular work, this species is surprisingly included in with the yams (Dioscorea spp.) of which it bears little if any resemblance.

Also found in many tropical regions, the tubers of T. leontopetaloides are starchy, making it an important food source for many cultures, including Australian aborigines. The tubers are poisonous if not processed, which typically involved grating or pounding, washing and baking.

Tacca leontopetaloides


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