Octoblepharum albidum (Leucophanaceae)

Octoblepharum albidum DSC_0179 (3)

Octoblepharium albidum is a common moss found in urban and forested areas, typically as an epiphyte on tree bark. The leaves have a succulent or fleshy look – not very usual for mosses. It also has a slightly whitish-green appearance, and especially so when dry.

Octoblepharum albidum DSC_0179 (2)


About David Tng

I am David Tng, a hedonistic botanizer who pursues plants with a fervour. I chase the opportunity to delve into various aspects of the study of plants. I have spent untold hours staring at mosses and allied plants, taking picture of pollen, culturing orchids in clean cabinets, counting tree rings, monitoring plant flowering times, etc. I am currently engrossed in the study of plant ecology (a grand excuse to see 'anything I can). Sometimes I think of myself as a shadow taxonomist, a sentimental ecologist, and a spiritual environmentalist - but at the very root of it all, a "plant whisperer"!
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One Response to Octoblepharum albidum (Leucophanaceae)

  1. Nelda B Ikenberry says:

    What a beautiful moss!

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